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the parental controls are built in and really easy to setup. Not to sound like a dick, but it's her own fault.

Dylan had Aidan's kindle upstairs and I got an email that I had just ordered an entire season of spongebob digitally. I immediately contacted amazon had it cancelled and turned on the parental controls. You have to be not paying attention AT. ALL. to have $800 worth of stuff purchased on it without your knowledge
I got a good laugh out of this; though not in the customer's office. Anyway, she didn't have to pay for the unauthorized purchases, so it wasn't to grim. Except that the boy has been chained up in the basement for some time now relieving himself in a bucket and living on ramen.

Personally, I don't like parental controls, because I think they discourage kids from taking responsibility for their actions. Needless to say, this has bitten me in the butt a time or two, but overall I like the results. Both my kids have their own Amazon accounts, and they can spend what they can afford. If they want to watch any of the free Prime video on my account, or stuff I've purchased they have TV's and Roku boxes. Without a PIN, you can't buy from a Roku box.