Update.....lost the link to this site months ago, for whatever reason typing just the web address gave me a page not available error for months on end. Then it finally started working again, too dumb to remember my password. Blah blah blah. Life is mostly the same, Xerox is fully absorbing us finally and all of management at our smaller company got demoted to fit their 15 techs per manager mold that has been so successful for their service team. So for the last 9 months I am back to being just a technician, no more babysitting grown lazy a** adults, no more stress when other people can't fix stuff, it has been awesome. Make the same hourly rate except I am no longer salary, so with overtime I actually make more money now and shut everything down at the end of the work day. No more looking at reports and doing spreadsheets til all hours of the night.

Now on to the important stuff.

I still have my 2015 Taurus and still love it. A buddy of mine bought a brand new challenger scat pack last fall and was talking smack about racing me this spring, so it inspired me to buy some go fast parts to make my car even faster. I bought an upgraded high pressure fuel pump which allows me to run an aggressive pump gas 93 octane mixed with E85 mix, which allows me to turn the boost up and advance the timing. My first trip to the drag strip I ran a 12.425 and was hooked from that point on. Next trip I ran 12.25, then bought an upgraded intercooler. Next thing you know I'm going to the track every week, sometimes twice a week and competing in the Jegs ET points series.

I had no idea how it worked, so I lost every single race for a good 3-4 months. It's bracket racing, so you pick a dial in time (time you expect your car to run) and closest car to their time without going faster wins the race. I did not realize your reaction time to the light was not included in your dial in time, so I was adding that in and that caused me to run faster than my time and lose every single time. Didn't really care because I was just their to race. At some point towards the end of the summer, another guy with an SHO came to the track and started asking me about my car because I was .7 seconds faster than him and he wanted to make his faster too. He ended up explaining how everything worked with bracket racing, and next thing you know I start winning races.

I'm not a fan of linear stories, so let's get back to my buddy and his scat pack. I got him to come out to the track in June or July I think. By this point he had a good 6-8 months of smack talk about how his car was faster, so we got to the track early and were able to get lined up next to each other first run of the night. His reaction time was about .7 seconds while mine was .05, and I ran a 12.3 to his 12.6, so needless to say I was several bus lengths ahead of him at the finish line. I ran 12.3's and 12.2's all night long while he just got worse and worse. He couldn't even get into the 12.'s again after the first run, I think he had a 13.1 and then a 13.4 after that. It was pretty enjoyable from my perspective.

I went to several different tracks, 4 different tracks in Ohio and 2 in Michigan and it was the same story every time. Nobody pays a lick of attention to me until they race me, then after the race they follow me into the pits and start asking me lots of questions about how my car is so fast. I beat a few hellcats, lots of chargers and challengers, mustangs Camaros even a cts-v as long as it was heads up racing and no dial in times.

My goal all year was to get into the 11's, so in October when the weather cooled off, I removed about 200 pounds of seats, stereo speakers and other stuff from my car and finished the year with a personal best of 11.75. That was good for the 7th fastest ecoboost Taurus in the country, and the fastest ecoboost Taurus in the country with stock turbos. The 6 guys ahead of me all have either upgraded turbos, methanol injection and or nitrous oxide. I'm kinda cheap so I didn't want to sink that kind of money into a car.

Bought a go pro so I could get some in car footage of races. Here's one of a Camaro that I put the beat down on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR6w...cI3aA&index=21

Earlier in the year some random youtube guy posted videos of me on his site. I didn't even know until a guy in one of the Taurus forums I frequent posted the link and said "hey I think this is your car". Was pretty cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBzwgAtpuJE