Here's one for you smart bast*rds.

We have a new 40mbps, (each way), ADSL line coming in to our office, totally separate from our corporate network. Without going into too much detail, there are 5 departments that want a share of this new line. Our plan is to give each department 5mbps up and down, (adjustable), and their own IP range to use, (EG 192.168.10.x, 192.168.20.x etc). However, the router we're getting delivered is way to simple to be able to do that.

Does anyone know of a solution we can use to achieve this? We also intend to monitor very closely the traffic, so that would also need to be included. We have spare hardware so can easily put a linux box between them and the ADSL line if required.

I'm looking into this myself, but as always, like to throw up the odd technical question to keep the politics at bay for a while.