It seems like lately this site is down more than it is up but it's up right now, so I have a question. I love tools and anytime I can come up with an excuse to buy one, I take it.

I need to replace both sway bar links on my daughter's 2000 Infiniti G20. Sway bar links are pretty cheap so it's a small investment since my labor will be free. Since she is a poor college student, this is a good thing. I am sure I could remove each of the existing sway bar links with a typical ratchet wrench, cheater bar, and PB Blaster but that's pretty boring. I do not have any air tools. Maybe that should change. An air impact wrench has more muscle than me even with a cheater bar. It is also an "impact" wrench so there is more to it than muscle. Have you found the impact aspect of an air wrench helps you out a lot with projects?

If I do get an air impact wrench, I know the prices vary widely. I will definitely not buy any crap from Harbor Freight but on the other hand, I can't justify a $500 tool either. I was browsing Amazon. This DeWalt would probably be sufficient for the infrequent use I would give it.

What are your thoughts?